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(Source: ridiculouslyproper)

        My Birthday is coming up and I decided I’m tired of being a fatty. So a couple weeks ago I visited a mobile hydrostatic body fat testing clinic to get an scientific understanding of my body.

        A buddy of mine and I drove 20 miles to a crossfit gym that was hosting the clinic. I visited the company site to get a heads up on the process. When I was called into the truck. I stripped down to my boxers. The technician took my height and weight.Then it was time to take a dunk in the tank. I sat back in the nice warm water, expelled all my air and held my self down for a couple seconds. When I herd her bang on the tank I was allowed to come up for air.

      Three measurements later I was told I had a body fat percentage of 32.4%. I was a little shocked. I came in thinking I was at most 25%. I weighed in at 228lbs. with 154lbs being lean weight and 74 of those pounds being pure FAT!

        The best part of the test was I was given my Resting Metabolic Rate. The amount of energy needed to sustain my body at resting level. To keep me where I am now I would need to consume 2015 calories a day. I told the technician of my goals and workout routine and she advised to consume around 2400 calories. That will make sure I eat enough so I wont lose any of my lean weight.

         Now I have a strong base to start my body composition transformation. Ive been tweaking my nutrition and weightlifting plan. Learning as I go. With the knowledge Ive gain combined with dedication and determination it will be a matter on time before I can see my keg turn into a rock hard six pack. If you would like to follow me on my journey check out my page 1xMoRep. Ill be getting more detailed on my goals, workouts and diet. I will also try to keep updates daily with the addition of photos and videos of my progress. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Good Day.